Goddess and FinDomme

I’m the woman your mother warned you about; dominant and intuitive by nature. An intelligent, astute, clever, skillful, smart and perverse Goddess in search of perfection, who demands total adoration, respect and absolute obedience.

A real Findomme and ProDomme whom every submissive and slave wishes to serve…. the only one who knows exactly how to make use of all your weaknesses


My name in BDSM world is Soberana Maxima, Goddess is my title. So that’s how you’ll refer to me. Goddess Soberana, or simply Goddess. I am the one you’ve been fantasizing about all your life, the Goddess of your dreams

I am currently living in Chile, but my passport is always ready.

A Real Elite FinDomme

I love being surrounded by submissives who love me and only live by and for Me, always yearning to make me happy.

Findomme with two FinDom slaves

I am very severe, sensual, perverse, fetishist and with a sense of humor and tastes, somewhat different.

I love receiving tributes of all kinds, payment of accounts, money in my paypal account, tributes for lingerie, manicure, hairdressing, trips, or credit cards.

There are many ways to develop this fantasy and I like them all! For me in BDSM, financial domination plays a very important role.

In the end, world is moved by sex and money and giving me your money is the best way to show me that you are really my slave.

Slaves in ancient times worked for their masters and so you must do it for me.

There are several forms of FinDom and combinations, I like them all!

You must to know that every slave or submissive who wants to be at my service must sign the respective debt acknowledgement contract that will be sent to him after evaluating his application.

Financial Control

Complete control of all your accounts and your salary, I will assign you a small monthly or weekly amount to help you survive.

I hope you know how to organize yourself, a slave has no whims, whims are all for Me…

You belong to me and so does your money. You will give me all the power over your money and you will have to account for every penny you spend.

Forced Loan Fees

Can’t you give me large amounts at once but you want to belong to me and tribute me accordingly?

You will take a loan from the bank or finance company and give it to me in full. You will pay your dues to the bank every month religiously and you’ll be a slave to the bank and also to me…

How exciting it is that I have you by the balls, isn’t?

Direct Deposits

You will make deposits on your own initiative directly into my PAYPAL ACCOUNT or into my bank account. My attention to you, will always be closely related to the financial effort you make to satisfy my whims.

Monthly Accounts

You’ll take care of one or more of my monthly accounts. You will be emailed an excel spreadsheet for selection. In the cover letter you send me along with your initial tribute, you will need to request it.

Credit Card(s)

Each card you give me must have a minimum monthly fee of £300.

Wish list

You should always be satisfying my wishes and periodically you should go through my wish list and send me some of it. You will be sent the list link if you are accepted as slave.

Human ATM

Through WhatsApp or email, I will simply say: “Hello cashier! I’m here to withdraw money”, and you must behave as such, I’ll enter my 4-digit password and withdraw my money (which you’ll send to my Paypal account), then your function and my attention ends, since you exist only for that, to be used.

Vacation or Travel break

Do you want to invite me and serve me on a vacation or a travel break? Aren’t you in Santiago –  Chile and want to serve me in your city?

Maximum 3 days, not counting 2 days of travel when the flight to your destination lasts more than 4 hours. You’ll have to finance all the expenses, transportation, food and lodging. In addition to a minimum tribute of £600 per day or equivalent in dollars.

You must send me your proposal for daily offerings and tributes for evaluation at least 2 or 3 weeks before the tentative date of the trip.

The expenses of taxes, hotels, airplane tickets, etc, will be paid in advance. Credit cards are not accepted. All through my PAYPAL ACCOUNT.


So if you are planning a trip to Chile, after sending me a tribute, you can ask for FinDom Appointments, if you get my attention maybe I will contact you…FinDom dating must be requested, confirmed and coordinated at least 5 days in advance of the tentative date.

Cashmeet or Cashpointmeet

A deposit of £100 through my PAYPAL ACCOUNT and a minimum of £200  at the ATM is required.


A deposit of £100 via my PAYPAL ACCOUNT and a minimum purchase expenditure of £300.

It may or may not include public humiliation practices.

Time-free session. The session is over when your money is gone…

BDSM Sessions

I also love BDSM sessions for fun. On these occasions, you’ll have the honor of being able to serve me in person, dedicate yourself completely to me, adore me, and be rewarded with the satisfaction of using my implements to punish you.

So, if you have a business or pleasure travel in mind in Chile and would like to have the great opportunity of having a session with me, send me an attractive tribute, along with tentative date for the session, which in any case must be requested at least 5 days in advance and If I am interested I’ll contact you back.

The minimum tribute will be £300 or the equivalent in local currency for each session that lasts between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours, depending on my mood and your behavior.

Soberana Maxima - FinDomme - Session

My practices:

  • Adoration or Body worship
  • Foot Fetish
  • Humiliation publicly and privately
  • Manipulation
  • Bondage
  • Chastity
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Play with nipples
  • Pinching
  • Impact games: Spanking, Flogging, Caning, Spitting, Trampling, Crushing, Ballbusting, Pony-boy, Slapping. Whipping, etc.
  • Temperature games
  • Genital torture (CBT / geni-torture)
  • Bladder Control
  • Orgasm Control
  • Interrogation
  • Role play / Voice play
  • Forniphilia
  • Feminization (sissification)
  • Misophilia (urolagnia, emethophilia, menstruophilia or menophilia)
  • Mock sub violation
  • Cuckolding sessions (minimum tribute £2.300)
  • …and my favorites … Butt plug, inserts and Pegging.

If your fetish is not on this list and is not within my limits; you can ask.

I NEVER do: Total or partial nudity, Minors, Animals, Scat, Asphyxiation, Hypoxia, Mutilation, Castration and Switching.


Punishing slave in toilet

So, ready to serve a real FinDomme?

Because your money looks so much sexier on me!! Let your account be drained for your only FinDom Goddess!!!

You’ll give me proof that you have obeyed my orders and you will fill me with gifts because I am all you need.

My attention to money slaves is expressly related to the tributes it makes on its own initiative, because it means that there is really a constant concern for me and wants me to feel like the Goddess that I am, also it manifest surrender and veneration.

If I want, I will say when you can see me and how long, if you deserve it or not, I will give you orders and I will assign you duties that you must fulfill and if you don’t do it, you’ll get a punishment, as well as a fine, painful, humiliating or whatever I can think.

Financial Dominatrix and financial slave BDSM Outdoor Session

Online or live BDSM sessions are exclusively to fulfill my orders and follow my rules, to serve me and have fun and not to seek to satisfy you sexually, for that you must go to the right person, who will never be a Dominatrix.

I want submissives, not whoremongers, nor wankers.

FinSub worshiping his Financial Dominatrix

Now, just submit to your Goddess Soberana Maxima

You know you want to see me dominating, humiliating and manipulating you, so don’t waste any more time and send me now an engaging tribute through my PAYPAL ACCOUNT and a presentation letter with the subject “Applicant Presentation” explaining clearly how you expect to serve me and what kind of paypig you are directly to or using the CONTACT FORM below, make sure your email is well written or I can’t answer you.

You will always refer to me as “Goddess“. If you manage to get my attention, I will send you back a questionnaire and the corresponding contract.

All my slaves must sign a contract for a minimum period of 6 months.

Requests without an initial tribute will not be answered. NEVER ask me how much, the answer will always be IMPRESS ME!

Be sure to follow my Instagram @SoberanaMaxima, my Twitter @MaximaSoberana, my Facebook SoberanaMáxima and SUBSCRIBE my YouTube channel!!!.

Only applications accompanied by an initial PAYPAL TRIBUTE will be valued. Requests without tribute will go unanswered.

Make your tribute…. make it good and SURPRISE ME…I don’t allow second chances….

Enjoy my gallery clicking on the image below:


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